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Macadamia Ingredient Styles
Inexpensive Macadamia Nuts for Food Processing
Macadamia Nut Sizes
Macadamia Ingredient Styles
Macadamia Products
Perfect for Food Processing
Macadamia Purchase from LIMBUA Farmers
Macadamia Purchase from LIMBUA Farmers
Macadamia Tracebility from farm to customer
100% Tracebility from farm to customer

Macadamia Nuts for Wholesale and Food Processing

Inexpensive macadamia nuts in bulk for processing

GMO free  Pesticide free  Direct trade  Regenerative Farming nuts 

The LIMBUA ingredient style macadamias convince with top quality at a affordable bulk price rate. The ingredient style nuts differ slightly in colour from the premium styles due to the shell imprint. Having the same good quality, they are a favourable alternative for food processing. 

Whether you're a retailer, distributor, or food manufacturer: We provide bulk quantities of macadamia nuts to suit your requirements. Our mac offerings ensure cost-effectiveness and convenience for your business. You can be sure that our macadamia nuts for wholesale and processing meet the high quality and food safety requirements.

Bulk Macadamia Ingredient Style:

  • IFS and BRCS Food Safety certified
  • Best-priced edible nuts in top quality
  • Ideal for further processing
  • Macadamia integrifolia edible nut kernels
  • Purchased directly from LIMBUA smallholder farmers
  • Available in bulk (from 11.34 kg, approx. 25 lbs), pallet or container
  • 100% traceability

Macadamia halves

Sorting of macadamia halves and other sizes in LIMBUA facility

The bulk macadamia ingredient style is perfect for food processing: For example, for chocolate, ice cream, macadamia butter or vegan milk alternatives - whether as whole kernels, halves or small pieces, raw or salted. This style is also an interesting alternative in terms of price for processing into macadamia nut powder for protein supplements, especially for vegan diets. Due to the slight colour variations, the ingredient style nuts are also very suitable for roasting and salting. 

Cheap Macadamia Nut alternative to the Premium Styles - with the same quality

We offer ingredient Macadamia Nuts Wholesale that adhere to stringent quality and food safety standards: They meet multiple quality standards, ensuring food safety and 100% traceability. While they may have slight color variations due to shell imprints, they are of the same high quality as our premium styles. These slight visual differences make them more affordable in bulk quantities while maintaining excellent taste and nutritional value.

With certifications including IFS Food, BRC Food Safety, USDA Organic (NOP), Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC), Demeter, Bio Suisse, Fair-for-Life, Halal, and Kosher, you can trust that our nuts meet stringent criteria across various regulatory and ethical frameworks.

Our quality as a macadamia producer

Macadamia cracking

The healthy nuts are cracked and sorted in the LIMBUA facilities on site

The Versatility of Wholesale Macadamia Nuts: Perfect for innovative product creations

From baked goods to chocolate, macadamia ice cream and more, our macadamia nuts are incredibly versatile. The edible nuts can be used in a variety of ways to create vegan products, fine confectionery, or protein-rich keto foods. Their high protein, fiber, and healthy fat content make them a hit with health-conscious consumers.
Macadamia pieces
Ingredient Style nuts for wholesale and industry in different sizes
Thanks to the nut's rich flavour and creamy consistency, it is ideal as a filling for chocolates, pralines and pastries. Their natural sweetness and texture also make them ideal for making creamy pastes or spreads that are a delicious addition to breads, desserts or snacks.
In addition, raw macadamia nuts can be caramelized for a crunchy and aromatic flavor that is perfect for use in ice cream, muesli bars or toppings. The macadamia nut applications in the food industry are almost unlimited and offer you as a manufacturer or retailer the opportunity to create innovative nut products. 
Macadamia chocolate cover
Ingredient style bulk macadamias are perfect for chocolate coating
Overall, the ingredient style macadamia nuts are a valuable addition to the ketogenic and high protein diet due to their low carbohydrate content, high fat content and nutrient density, making them an excellent choice for individuals seeking to achieve and maintain ketosis effectively. 

 Macadamia nuts in bulk for food processing

Possible macadamia products are:

  • Macadamia nut milk
  • Vegan cheese
  • Chocolate coated macadamia nuts
  • Cereals and keto bars with macadamia pieces
  • Macadamia ice cream
  • Sauces and pestos
  • Unsalted or roasted for snacking
    ...and much more

Bulk Macadamia Nuts: Choose your size

Whether you need whole edible nuts, halves, pieces, powder, paste or flakes, we've got you covered. The ingredient macadamia nuts for sale are available in various sizes to suit your specific requirements. They are also perfect for processing into nut butter, either roasted or raw. Macadamia butter in turn provides a perfect base for making macadamia nut milk. They are just as tasty unsalted as covered with salt or other flavors such as chili and honey. 
Macadamia nuts in bulk
The production of healthy macadamia oil is another option for processing the macadamia nuts for wholesale and industry. We offer our own macadamia oil for sale but of course it is also possible to supply the matching ingredient nuts as a base for your product in bulk packaging.
If you are interested in roasted macadamia nuts in bulk: in addition to the possibility of refining them yourself, we also offer ready-roasted macs in chilli, barbecue and honey flavor in stock.
Macadamia oil LIMBUA

How the LIMBUA Macadamia Nuts are grown

The LIMBUA macadamia nuts are sourced from the carefully tended tree that thrives in optimal growing conditions on organic smallholder farms. These majestic trees, known for their resilience and longevity, produce raw macadamia nuts that are harvested at peak maturity. 

Macadamia harvest under the tree

Smallholders harvesting under a macadamia tree

After purchasing from the contracted smallholders, each nut is cracked manually at the LIMBUA facilities and subjected to strict quality controls. This way we can make the selection into our premium and ingredient macadamia nuts for wholesale and food industry. While the premium styles are particularly suitable for snacking due to their flawless appearance, the ingredient macadamia nut is particularly interesting in terms of price for further processing.
Macadamia purchase
The macadamias are purchased directly from contracted smallholder farmers

Order Ingredient Style Macadamias for your product

The ingredient style macadamia therefore are particularly versatile in product development - especially since we offer them in different sizes at a affordable price rate. If you are interested in flawless organic macadamia nuts in bulk for snacking, we recommend the premium macadamia styles from LIMBUA.

With our commitment to freshness and reliability, we ensure that every nut meets the rigorous standards of the industry. From day to day, you can rely on LIMBUA to provide macadamia nuts for wholesale and the food industry that add exceptional flavor and value to your products.


Nutritional values

  • Energy value
    3021 KJ / 734 kcal
  • fat
    73.1 g
  • hereof fatty acids saturated
    12.5 g
  • hereof Fatty acids monounsaturated
    59.1 g
  • hereof Polyunsaturated fatty acids
    1.5 g
  • Carbohydrates
    5.1 g
  • hereof Sugar
    4.8 g
  • Protein
    8.5 g
  • Salt
    0.0037 g
  • Fiber
    10.8 g
  • Sodium
    0.0015 g
per 100g (The nutritional values are subject to the usual variations in natural products.)

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