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Premium Madamia Nuts
Premium Madamia Nuts
Macadamia Organic Cultivation
Macadamia Organic Cultivation
LIMBUA Macadamia Facility
LIMBUA Macadamia Facility
Macadamia Processing
Macadamia Processing
Premium Style 0
Premium Style 0, Whole kernels > 20 mm
Premium Style 1L
Premium Style 1L, Whole kernels 16 - 20 mm
Premium Style 1S
Premium Style 1S, Whole kernels 13 - 17 mm
Premium Style 2
Premium Style 2, Whole + Half Kernels > 13 mm
Premium Style 4S
Premium Style 4S, Half Kernels 10 - 14 mm
Premium Style 6
Premium Style 6, Pieces 4 - 10 mm

Buy Wholesale Organic Macadamia Nuts in Bulk

Premium Macadamia nuts for snacking

GMO free  Pesticide free  Direct trade  Regenerative Farming nuts 

LIMBUA offers fairly traded organic macadamia nuts in bulk at wholesale prices. We only sell premium macadamia nuts from the highly fertile lower slopes of Mount Kenya. The certified smallholders cooperating with LIMBUA grow their products on organic mixed farms, ensuring high quality yields. These nutrient-rich tree-nuts are an excellent daily snack or healthy ingredient for baking and desserts. Learn more about our most popular product: Raw organic macadamia nuts in bulk. Contact us today for a customized quote!

Organic Macadamia Nuts premium
Flawless LIMBUA macadamia nuts Style 0

Your Benefits with LIMBUA:

  • Certified organic macadamia nuts
  • Purchased from contracted smallholders
  • Raw food quality
  • Macadamia integrifolia kernels
  • Available in bulk (from 11.34 kg, approx. 25 lbs), pallet or container
  • 100% digital traceability
  • For processors and traders

Our Organic Raw Macadamia Nuts are Cracked and Selected on Site

Macadamias are most valuable as whole nuts. To minimize breakage, they are cracked manually in our facilities using special tools. This is followed by a visual selection and separation process into whole and half macadamia kernels, different sizes, macadamia pieces etc.

The six different Premium categories are called “styles”. Because of this unique process, our customers have the choice between many different styles in 11.34 kg bulk (25 lbs). Our organic raw macadamia nuts are cracked, selected and packed in our four factories in the rural area of Kenya, where also the mangoes and avocados are processed. No other tree nuts, milk or soy are processed there.

Organic Macadamia Nuts sorting
The macadamia nuts are sorted by hand for the highest quality standards

All about Sustainability and Fairness

Our smallholders grow the macadamia in organic mixed cultivation. They do not use synthetic chemical sprays and fertilizers and rely on the power of nature. Local field managers supervise them from cultivation to harvesting throughout the year. This way additional jobs are created so that the added value can grow locally. All those involved are paid a fair wage. This is officially confirmed and controlled by the Fair-For-Life certification.

Organic Macadamia on the tree
LIMBUA small scale farmer harvesting macadamia on her organic mixed farm

LIMBUA Organic Macadamia Nuts in Bulk: Available Styles

Whether you would like to sell the biggest premium organic macadamia nuts under your own brand, sell a healthy snack for a great daily nutrient boost or process our macadamia nuts: LIMBUA guarantees fair wholesale pricing for organic quality nuts. Whether you buy in bulk from 25 lbs per unit or fill an order per pallet or container: Our raw nuts are always fresh, crunchy and full of nutrients and vitamins. You can choose from the different styles, according to your needs:

Style 0
Whole LIMBUA macadamia nut kernels
> 20 mm for snacking, fine confectionery or private label

Bio Macadamia Nüsse Style 0

Style 1L
Whole LIMBUA macadamia nut kernels
16 - 20 mm for snacking, for fine confectionery or private label

Bio Macadamia Nüsse Style 1

Style 1S
Whole LIMBUA macadamia nut kernels
13 - 17 mm for snacking, for fine confectionery or private label

Bio Macadamia Nüsse Style 1

Style 2
Half and Whole LIMBUA macadamia nut kernels
> 20 mm for snacking, for fine confectionery

Bio Macadamia Nüsse Style 2

Style 4S
Half LIMBUA macadamia nut kernels
10 - 16 mm for snacking or for further processing to butter and oil

Bio Macadamia Nüsse Style 4

Style 6
LIMBUA macadamia nut pieces
4 - 10 mm for bars, pastries, as topping for bakery products and salads

Bio Macadamia Nüsse Style 6

Traceability from the tree to the customer

Transparency from the smallholders' farms to the finished packaged nut:
Thanks to our in-house developed software system and the complete digitalisation of all process stages, we can track every step of the macadamia nuts throughout the supply chain: from harvesting to production and packaging. This gives the customer an absolute guarantee of quality assurance.

Organic Macadamia on the tree
Digital traceability of the nuts at all stages of production

Excellent Taste and Great Health Benefits

The macadamia nut is often called the queen of nuts. On the one hand this is due to its size, on the other hand it is the special components that make it so valuable. Due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, its consumption is recommended by many nutritionists as part of a cholesterol-, lactose- and gluten-free diet. In addition, the macadamia nut scores highly with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and essential vitamins like thiamine (vitamin B1). It is also playing an increasingly important role in vegan diets as an ingredient in plant-based milk or cheese.

Eating macadamia nuts or macadamia products every day can be a great health benefit for your customers. These are just some of the reasons for buying wholesale organic macadamia nuts. As healthy snack providers, food producers or patissiers you can expect only the highest quality of macadamia nuts, full of nutrients, vitamins and crunch, when you buy from LIMBUA. Here, you can also order specific styles of macadamia nuts wholesale for easy processing: whole nuts, in chunks or even paste can be ordered in bulk.

Macadamia nut cracked
For flawless nuts, these are cracked manually at LIMBUA

About the macadamia nut

Macadamia Refinement According to Your Wishes

LIMBUA Macadamia butter roasted
Nut butter made from 100% organic macadamia kernels

LIMBUA offers dried fruit, avocado oil and macadamia nuts for sale. In addition to our raw quality assortment of organic macadamia nuts, we also offer roasted macadamia nuts in bulk in a variety of flavors. We also produce premium quality macadamia nut butter and macadamia oil for you. If you would like to know more about our fair and organic practices or would like to place an order, just contact our sales team.


Nutritional values

  • Energy value
    3021 KJ / 734 kcal
  • fat
    73.1 g
  • hereof fatty acids saturated
    12.5 g
  • hereof Fatty acids monounsaturated
    59.1 g
  • hereof Polyunsaturated fatty acids
    1.5 g
  • Carbohydrates
    5.1 g
  • hereof Sugar
    4.8 g
  • Protein
    8.5 g
  • Salt
    0.0037 g
  • Fiber
    10.8 g
  • Sodium
    0.0015 g
per 100g (The nutritional values are subject to the usual variations in natural products.)

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Premium Macadamia nuts for snacking

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