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The Company

macadamia nuts supplier & producer

Macadamia nuts & More from smallholder farmers

LIMBUA is a German-Kenyan macadamia nuts supplier & producer without intermediate trade. That means: You buy directly from the manufacturer. In cooperation with over 7000 Kenyan smallholders we produce macadamia nuts, macadamia oil, avocado oil and dried mangoes for the trade. This way you can be sure that our products are of high quality and come from a trusted source. All our products are available in bulk, freshly harvested from the farms and processed directly on site in our modern production facilities.


In this video you can watch the journey of the best macadamias: from cultivation to harvesting to processing. The nuts are gently dried raw using a specially developed process. We are a leading global nuts supplier of organic macadamia kernels and supply the best quality organic products with multiple certifications.  As you buy directly from the producer without any middlemen, this naturally has a positive effect on the price. At LIMBUA, it's farm to fork!


We process macadamia nuts, avocados and mangos entirely locally so that as many people as possible around Mount Kenya can benefit.

Thus, four production sites have been established in the countryside in the course of LIMBUA's development as a leading macadamia nuts supplier:

GITHURE Macadamia processing
KITHUNGURURU Macadamia processing
KATHANGARI Our nursery
KIANYAGA Macadamia processing  
ENA Avocado oil factory

That means:

Close to the local people
Short transport routes
Fresh raw material
Improved standard of living for the rural population



The story of LIMBUA began in 2006 with a long journey: After studying economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke, Matti Spiecker was inspired by successful social entrepreneurs in Asia, Latin America and Africa. In Kenya, he met Peter Muchau Wangara. They developed the idea for a trading company specializing in organic macadamia nuts.

Without middlemen, the two managing directors wanted to bring the harvest of Kenyan smallholders to the international market, leaving as much added value as possible in the country. For the customers, this means being able to buy macadamia nuts directly from the producer - without intermediaries. Because from the very beginning, LIMBUA has been in charge of production and distribution.

Our way there

Since day one, LIMBUA has been about sustainable business, focusing on ecological and social aspects.

  • 2006

    While the company idea grows, the foundation WELT:KLASSE starts its work. It gives students the chance to get to know sustainability projects in Kenya and other countries.

  • 2009

    LIMBUA is founded as a German-Kenyan company specializing in organic macadamia nuts. A processing facility is established in Githure to process the harvest locally.

  • 2012

    After 3 years of conversion, the first smallholders receive full organic status. LIMBUA is therefore the first company in the world to accompany macadamia smallholders in achieving organic certification.

  • 2014

    There is an increasing demand for macadamia nuts in organic quality for natural food and cosmetics. LIMBUA grows and opens its second factory in Kithungururu.

  • 2016

    Well-known companies from the German and European organic market are now among LIMBUA's customers. To serve them, a third factory is built in Kianyaga.

  • 2018

    For more and more customers LIMBUA is considered a quality producer of organic macadamia nuts and thus the factory in Kithungururu is expanded to meet the increasing demand.

  • 2020

    The increasing demand ensures full capacity utilization in all three processing sites. Ideas are developed to bring more organic products from Kenyan smallholder farmers to the market.

  • 2021

    LIMBUA expands its product range with avocado oil. For this product, too, a modern factory is built on site, where the fruits are peeled, pitted and cold-pressed.

  • 2022

    Organic mango is now also being purchased from the farmers who work with LIMBUA. The fruits are processed into dried mangoes of organic quality.


Today, LIMBUA is the leading nuts supplier of organic macadamias. With fresh ideas and modern technology, we are turning the world into a village: harvest recording, quality control and logistics have long been digitized at our company. This allows us to pay our macadamia farmers fairly, in real time and keep track of the journey from farm to customer. And the custumor can buy macadamia nuts and more in the highest quality. 

In addition to raw kernels, we also supply roasted nuts, nut butter, nut oil, avocado oil and dried mangoes for wholesalers and processors. All products from our own production and harvested by local farmers.

When the added value stays in the country, more people benefit from Fair Trade. This idea guided me in founding LIMBUA.

Matti Spiecker

Our Team

In Kenia. And Germany.

Around 7,000 smallholder farmers and their families now have a secure income through LIMBUA. At the same time, more than several hundred jobs have been created in four modern factories and in the tree nursery, with the majority of employees being women. In Germany, we are in charge of the distribution to wholesalers and retailers and to well-known natural food and natural cosmetics companies all over the world.

Meet some of our more than 700 employees from different departments

Matti Spiecker  - Limbua Founder & Director
Matti Spiecker
Founder & Director
Peter Wangara  - Limbua Team
Peter Wangara
Founder & Director
Bettina Schley - Limbua Team
Thomas Busjan
Director Business Development
Boniface Mutua - Limbua Team
Boniface Mutua
Operations Manager
Bettina Schley - Limbua Team
Bettina Schley
Senior Sales Manager
Michael Langat Limbua - Limbua Team
Michael Langat
Human Resource Manager
Elizabeth Muiruri - Limbua Team
Elizabeth Muiruri
Finance Manager
Yannic Schröder - Limbua Team
Yannic Schröder
Senior Sales Manager
Mike Margiciok - Limbua Team
Mike Margiciok
Supply Chain Manager
Kenneth Waweru - Limbua Team
Kenneth Waweru
Production Manager
Doortje Maillard  - Limbua Team
Doortje Maillard
Marketing Manager
Ruth Imbahale - Limbua Team
Ruth Imbahale
Food Safety Manager
Kerstin Schmidtke - Limbua Team
Kerstin Schmidtke
Sales Manager
Abigail Birech - Limbua Team
Abigail Birech
Operations & Marketing
Bettina Schweitzer - Limbua Team
Bettina Schweitzer
Innovations Manager
Peterlis Musili - Limbua Team
Peterlis Musili
Field Manager
Regina Rwamba - Limbua Team
Regina Rwamba
Nursery Manager
Inga Simon Limbua - Limbua Team
Inga Simon
Internal Sales
Luka Macharia - Limbua Team
Luka Macharia
Demeter & Special Projects Manager
Kelvin Hiuhu - Limbua Team
Kelvin Hiuhu
Head of Maintenance
Alexander Thron - Limbua Team
Alexander Thron
Internal Sales
Kamau Peter - Limbua Team
Kamau Peter
Procurement Manager
Gültakin Nasibova
Gültakin Nasibova
Internal Sales
Lawrence Koech - Limbua Team
Lawrence Koech
Quality Control Officer
Andrea Schneider - Limbua Team
Andrea Schneider
Internal Sales
Derrick Odhiambo - Limbua Team
Derrick Odhiambo
Quality Control Officer
Ezekiel Mbugua - Limbua Team
Ezekiel Mbugua
Production Technician
James Kamara - Limbua Team
James Kamara
Eunice Yapaso - Limbua Team
Eunice Yapaso
Asst. Food Safety Manager
Rachael Kilande - Limbua Team
Rachael Kilande
Asst. HR Manager
Mona Ahmad - Limbua Team
Mona Ahmad
Administrative Assistant
Peace Mutua
Peace Mutua
Traceability Officer
Bridget Wahiu - Limbua Team
Bridget Wahiu
Asst. Food Safety Manager
Nahashon Mbugua - Limbua Team
Nahashon Mbugua
IT/Tech Supervisor
Sarah Wattjes - Limbua Team
Sarah Wattjes
Administrative Assistant
Nancy Njeri - Limbua Team
Nancy Njeri
Asst. Production Manager
Kennedy Gitonga - Limbua Team
Kennedy Gitonga
Asst. Operations Manager
Bilha - Limbua Team
Bilha Wanjira
Field Admin
Loise Muthike - Limbua Team
Loise Muthike
Office Admin
Joyce Wamae - Limbua Team
Joyce Wamae
Field Admin
Grace Muriithi - Limbua Team
Grace Muriithi
Asst. Accountant
Joyfrida Njoki - Limbua Team
Joyfrida Njoki
Hebron Maina - Limbua Team
Hebron Maina
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