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Macadamia cosmetics - skin care with the special nut

Macadamia cosmetics - macadamia oil
Macadamia cosmetics - macadamia oil

The macadamia nut is also in natural macadamia cosmetics in high demand. By cold pressing the nuts, an oil is won, which supports the skin intensively. The main German Television channel, ZDF, reported on this in its program “Natürlich schön – Kosmetik neu gedacht” (Naturally beautiful - cosmetics rethought) and presented LIMBUA.

The macadamia is the hardest nut in the world and also the one with the highest fat content. In addition to its unbeatable buttery taste (fat is known to be a flavor carrier), the macadamia nut is therefore also highly interesting for the production of natural cosmetic products. Manufacturers make use of the valuable macadamia nut oil for their skincare products, because the rich oil combines high-quality nutrients with beneficial care properties.

ZDF presents some new approaches in its Plan B reportage format.

LIMBUA also focuses on sustainable development and the well-being of the people. We are therefore very proud to be part of the ZDF Plan B edition "Naturally beautiful" together with other innovative companies. In the video you can get  a lot of background information about our macadamia production, the smallholders and their families in Kenya, as well as other exciting projects in the areas of sustainability in the cosmetics industry.

The LIMBUA contribution is visible from min. 09:20 and from min. 26:03 onwards. This is available in German only.


Macadamia oil is very suitable for dry, stressed, UV-stressed or chapped skin that needs special supportive care. If the oil is applied pure to these skin types, the protective film of the oil provides an anti-inflammatory, nourishing and moisturizing effect. Macadamia oil thus also mitigates the effects of sunbathing and supports the healing of wounds and scars. For the treatment of numerous skin problems it is considered a natural remedy. When applied to the face, the natural oil acts like a face serum or a face mask and is suitable for the vast majority of skin types.

Aging processes of the skin can also be mitigated or alleviated with macadamia oil as an "anti-aging remedy ". By balancing moisture, small wrinkles are smoothed and skin cells are regenerated, so that the skin as a whole gains more elasticity and becomes softer or more supple. When applied to damp skin after showering, water is trapped in the skin together with the oil and can be optimally absorbed.

Macadamia oil is added to many macadamia cosmetics and natural cosmetic care products such as body oils, creams, soaps, shower gels, bath additives, sunscreens and body lotions. The addition increases the care performance, provides a moisturizing effect and a faster penetration into the skin. The oil is often combined with other body oils such as shea butter, which also have a nourishing effect on dry, taut skin. Macadamia oil can also be excellent for removing eye makeup when applied to a cotton pad.

In the cosmetics industry, a change in thinking has been taking place for some time, away from synthetic ingredients and packaging contaminated with toxins, towards natural raw materials. The cosmetics market is changing, raw materials in organic quality, environmentally friendly packaging and fair wages form holistic new solutions worldwide.


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